Pancake Dinner for Erin

The first day of spring is pretty miserable. Rainy all day. Even some thunder. Happily there is Sunday dinner. A dinner made that much better by a visit from Erin.
The poor weather does not weigh too heavily, mostly because our son is feeling better today. The same can not be said for the adults, who had a restless night. Both our son and the baby woke up during the night. Both went back to sleep in quick order, but their waking was enough to make us very tired.

To get out of the house, we took a quick trip to Barnes & Noble in the morning. Our son found himself a construction trucks book. Our daughter got all lawyerly on us and was somehow able to convince us to get a stopwatch book. Robin had hoped to find last month’s Martha Stewart magazine, but left disappointed.

Chris and the kids saw Robots in the afternoon. It was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Our son was asking to leave 10 minutes into it, but ended up rather liking it.

Erin came over for more masters work. She insisted that she was not staying for dinner, not wanting to burden us with extra work. Somehow, she did not consider that we were going to eat anyway (and we like the company!).

Our daughter helped Chris with the pancakes while Robin made the potatoes and some new muffin-style frittatas. Dinner, unlike the first day of spring, turned out very nice.

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