All Saints Eggs

The day after Halloween finds potatoes and eggs on the dinner table. Potatoes and eggs are one of those meals that elicits a collective groan from the family when announced, but that always ends up satisfying everyone.
Trick-or-treatin’ got underway yesterday at Mr. Barry’s and Miss Barbara’s house. They were stepping out to a ball room dancing class, so we had to visit before it was too late. The kids were glad they did—special treats were waiting for them.

We had hoped to make it to Grammy’s for a visit, but there was just too much traffic. Instead, Chris and the kids headed to the kids’ pre-school teacher’s house, while Robin gave out candy at home.

Since they were already in the neighborhood, and because our daughter really wanted to, Chris and the kids stopped at the house of Cristina, one of her friends from school. Upon arriving, our daughter immediately spotted her friend. Before we knew it, we were traipsing along with 2 dozen other kids.

Amazingly, the baby, managed to keep up with everyone for the better part of an hour and a half. She was somewhat encumbered by her dragon costume, but once she realized that people were handing out candy, well, her motor just did not quit.

Our son (a skeleton) enjoyed very much running with the big kids. Our daughter (a devil) and Cristina were inseparable.

By the time Chris and the kids returned home, Robin was more than a little worried. That was quickly forgotten as it was her turn to take the kids around their own neighborhood.

All three kids had a lot of candy last night and more today. A healthy, hearty meal for everyone partly eases a little parental guilt.

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