Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving was at Sarah and Eric’s this year. We certainly didn’t mind in the least since we didn’t have to clean up afterwards (though we did help, of course). We did our fair share of cooking including two new recipes in our cookbook – cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.
Despite the celebration being elsewhere (and not being responsible for the turkey), this was still quite an effort on Robin’s part. She was up well before Chris and the kids today getting everything underway. A little after noon she went over to Sarah and Eric’s to help with the cooking there, taking our daughter for entertainment (both for our family and for our daughter).

Chris, for his part, lounged in front of the TV watching football and drinking beer while our son napped. It wasn’t the Ravens, but he was reported to have had a good time anyway.

Dinner was a little late, but absolutely fabulous. Well worth the loosening of the belts afterwards.

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