Fusilli with Meatballs

It must mean meat. Tonight is Uncle Nick’s last night with us, possibly for quite some time. That can only mean that meat of some form or another is on the menu. We say good bye to Nick with Fusilli with Meatballs, one of his favorites.
When Robin and Nick were planning his visit, he insisted that he really didn’t want that much meat. Maybe one meal, if that. Nick is a notorious meat eater, so this was news to us, but we were prepared to honor his request….

On Friday, he and Robin went to the Babalu Grill, where he ordered a Cuban style steak, which was very similar to the Cuban style steak from last night. Tonight, the meat trifecta is complete. We can’t complain, though – it was all wonderful.

He hasn’t even left yet, but we miss him already. Don’t go! But if you do, hurry back!

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