Braciole (Ask for Meat for Braciole)

Eric joins us for a very Brooklyn Sunday dinner. That means we’re having lots of meat, a little pasta, and a little bread.
Braciole is a staple at Nanny’s – we’re making it for the first or second time ever in our little home. All in all it turns out quite well. We did have to make do with some thin chip steaks instead of the “meat for braciole” that Nan told us to ask for. While we love our local groceries, we’re fairly certain they would have no idea how to respond to a request like that.

The only difference between this meal and a Sunday meal from Nanny’s kitchen is the lack of meat in ours. No, really. Nanny would have some more meat in the sauce – maybe some hot Italian sausage, perhaps a little roast beef – but more than what we’ve got. Maybe we’ll do that next time…

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