Meals from August 2003

2003-08-04 Chicken Tacos

Whoa! This third pregnancy is really hitting us hard. Between normal child rearing and the extra effort required of Robin’s body (not to mention the ALL DAY Morning sickness), we’re not doing a lot of cooking for ourselves. We try to get back to routine tonight with chicken tacos.

2003-08-05 Pancake Dinner

Chris tries to help out tonight by preparing pancakes. Our daughter wants (and of course gets) a very large pancake.

2003-08-08 Simple Veggie Pasta

At the end of a long week, we opt for simple. Simple yet constructive in that we clear out several vegetables from the fridge.

2003-08-10 Braciole (Ask for Meat for Braciole)

Eric joins us for a very Brooklyn Sunday dinner. That means we’re having lots of meat, a little pasta, and a little bread.

2003-08-17 Sandwiches on the Grill

Every now and then we still manage to impress ourselves with a meal. Tonight’s meal from the grill does just that. Plus we get to use the brick that has been on our porch for two years with nothing to do. And best of all, Erin enjoys the meal with us!

2003-08-22 Grandpa Bobby (1947-2003)

Sadly, we lost Robin’s father this week. He had been suffering for quite some time with a variety of afflictions. So our sorrow was tempered with some relief that his suffering was finally at an end. With all that’s happened (in addition to Robin being pregnant), we’re satisfied with a simple meal tonight.

2003-08-25 Nanny's Potatoes and Eggs

We had hoped that this simple meal would get us to the Maryland State Fair tonight. Alas, Chris didn’t make it home in time. Still, we got a great little meal out of the experience, so tonight was not a complete loss by any means.

2003-08-26 Kindergarten

Sigh. Today was our daughter’s first day of kindergarten. When she was younger, parents of older children would advise us that she would grow up before we knew it. We would invariably reply (only half joking), “Oh, she’s never going to grow up.” And now she’s in kindergarten.