What to Eat in a Hurricane

The day after hurricane Isabel blew through finds us unscathed. Amazingly, we never even lost power. For dinner, we enjoyed some mushroom fontina omelets and simple home fries.
Robin microwaved the potatoes the night before and refrigerated them. She had planned on eating them cold should the power have been out today. For some reason, she likes potatoes this way. Fortunately, we found a better use for them in the home fries.

Chris actually tried to go into work today. Our house was so untouched by the storm that there didn’t seem any reason not to go into work. Well, much of Fells Point, Maryland was under water. His place of work was completely surrounded by water and water covered the lobby floor. Not even this would have kept Chris from going into work (he works on the second floor) except that the only way to get out of the lobby is in the elevator. The elevators in that building are iffy under normal circumstances. With the Chesapeake Bay filling the elevator shaft, it seemed best to call it a day and head home.

For the remainder of the day, we enjoyed a relatively relaxing time. We all watched the new Sleeping Beauty DVD twice, did some crafts and napped. Quite the contrast to how some fared in the aftermath and we do realize how lucky we were.

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