Pizza For Erin

The kids take complete responsibility for this meal. Unless it doesn’t taste good, then it’s Mom’s fault. We were able to convince Erin to come to dinner and our daughter got to decide on the meal. She eagerly chose pizza with the provision that she could help make it.
While Chris did some yard work (hey, it happens every now and then), Robin and the kids prepared the pizza dough. The kids had themselves the grandest of times. They poured and measured flour and ran the KitchenAid. By the time they were done, they were both a complete mess, but they were a happy mess.

We asked our daughter if she was going to tell Erin that she had made the pizza dough. She decided that if Erin liked it, then she would tell Erin that it was her. When we slid the pizza off the peel onto the pizza stone, it was apparent that the dough was perfect. We told our daughter that this was the best dough that we had ever made and she couldn’t have been more pleased.

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