"E" is for Even More Fresh Herbs

We will use our herb garden this year. Oh yes, we will. Though we used our own herbs on occasion last year, we did not do so nearly enough. Our first farmer’s market trip of the year netted us some fine herbs for the garden, along with many other goodies. Tonight, we put them to use in an omelet dinner.
Another good reason for an omelet dinner was the farm fresh eggs that we picked up from the market. Completing the meal were two other farmer’s market foods: asparagus and bread. The kids had themselves quite a time preparing the asparagus—skinning and breaking off the bottom of the stalks. We find that the kids tend to eat better when they are involved in the preparation of the dinner. Tonight proves no exception as the kids (mostly our daughter) do a fine job eating the asparagus. The bread is getting a little old so we have to toast it. No worries, though, toasting it makes it quite good.
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