Fresh Tomato Salsa

This is a quick and easy fresh tomato salsa that can be served over grilled portabellas, chips, grilled meats or fish. We are out of fresh chile peppers so we use habanero hot sauce to provide some heat.

Servings and Times

Serves: 3
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Tools and Appliances

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We cut the stem off each tomato and slice them lengthwise. Holding each half over a garbage bowl, we seed the tomatoes and remove as much of the liquid as possible. We chop the tomatoes on our cutting board and put into a medium serving bowl with a sprinkle of kosher salt. We stir in the onions and set aside for about 10 minutes.

When we are ready to serve, we stir in the cilantro, a squeeze of lime and a dash of hot sauce.

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