Meals from June 2002

2002-06-07 Edo Sushi Leftovers and New Stir Fry

So it’s been a little while since we last added a meal… Between a 30th birthday (Chris’s) and the stomach flu running rampant through our little family, we haven’t been able to do much cooking. We’ve mostly recovered and we get back into the swing of things tonight with a small snow pea stir fry to compliment some leftovers from Edo Sushi.

2002-06-08 Grilled Salmon

It was a beautiful day in Baltimore – perfect for grilling. We stopped by Graul’s Market early in the day for some salmon. We were quite excited to find some Copper River Salmon, which is in season for just a few weeks. We serve it with some chile honey and grilled portobello mushrooms on the side.

2002-06-09 Manicotti

Sunday nights are big nights for large meals. It’s a tradition that we inherited from Robin’s family. Tonight, we use tradition to enjoy one of our all-time favorite dishes – manicotti.

2002-06-10 Pasta e Fagioli

Well, this is a first for us – a sous chef! Sarah begins her visit a little early to help with the cooking and does an exceptional job with pasta e fagioli. We last made this dish back in February. Tonight, we use ziti instead of rotini, and fresh rather than dried herbs, but the rest of the recipe is essentially the same (just a new set of hands chopping!).

2002-06-15 Chicken and Corn on the Grill

This wonderful grilled meal was the result of a sale on chicken at SuperFresh. Robin stopped there this afternoon after our morning chores were done. The actual preparation time was relatively quick, though not quite a 30 minute meal due to marinating time. An ancho chile, described by Bobby Flay as a spicy raisin, adds a nice flavor to the chicken – just a hint of spiciness. A nice tomato salsa complements it well. Finally, grilled corn on the cob and baked potatoes complete the meal.

2002-06-16 Grilled Lobster

Chris is treated to several fine meals this Father’s Day, starting with a full brunch and ending with grilled lobster, of all things. We eat well around here, but it’s hard to recall eating as well as we did today. The only thing that would make today better would be some milk shakes from Cheeburger Cheeburger – actually we did that also so today was perfect!

2002-06-17 Sarah's Spicy Pad Thai

This is take two of pad thai for us – our first attempt was back in March. This time we make two significant improvements – we increase the spiciness, which was really missing last time, and we employed the skilled hands of Sarah for the preparation.

2002-06-20 Tamales and Peppers & Onions

We were lazy last night and went to Chili’s. It was a good meal (though the service could have been better), but we still felt guilty for going out when we could have made this meal without much effort.

2002-06-22 Burgers and Onion Rings

A healthy meal this was not, but it was so very good. We used Black Angus sirloin for the hamburgers, topped with cheddar and a little bacon. The bacon is center cut (30% reduced fat) so it is modestly healthier than regular bacon. The onion rings were dipped in a beer batter and were fantastic. Some sauteed spinach completes the meal.

2002-06-23 Pasta, Peas, and Bacon

We knew that we’d been eating well when tonight’s dinner concluded with the following utterance, “we ate a whole package of bacon this week”. We’d started the bacon in the Father’s Day brunch last Sunday. We finished it in last night’s bacon cheddar hamburgers and tonight’s meal. We’ve done pasta, peas and onions before. Tonight we make it carnivorous in order to finish off the bacon (and to add a different flavor!).

2002-06-24 Black Bean Enchiladas

Sarah was over again, which we’ve come to know means good vegetarian eatin’. Tonight, Sarah helps to prepare some spicy black bean enchiladas. A little guacamole tops this yummy dish.

2002-06-25 Baked, Cheesy, Pasta, Peas and Bacon

We’re finishing off leftovers tonight. The meal looked nice and tasted great, so it seemed worthy of a mention even though there isn’t a new recipe. We’ve taken the pasta, peas and bacon from Sunday, added some cheese, and baked it. The result is something like a macaroni and cheese dish, but with the flavors of the aforementioned dish.

2002-06-29 Frittatas and Pancakes

We came so very close to going out to eat tonight. Our decision was made when our daughter, having overheard our deliberations, began yelling “Pancakes, pancakes, I’ll eat pancakes!!!” In addition to chocolate and cherry pancakes, we enjoy some of our other usual breakfast items. We may not have been in the mood for much cooking, but we’re definitely glad we stayed at home for this meal.

2002-06-30 Sausage Sauce

In honor of a visit from Robin’s mother, we serve a little dish that’s very much taken from Robin’s Brooklyn background – penne pasta with a sausage sauce. It was an ideal meal for tonight. It gave the house a very inviting aroma, which was especially welcome after braving the wilds of BWI. The preparation allowed for plenty of downtime so that Robin was able to entertain our boy while awaiting Chris, our daughter and our guest!