Baked Penne & Garlic Eye Round

The house smelled of Nanny’s cooking tonight. We had meant to have this meal last night, but just had too much going on. The anticipation was that much keener tonight, but Robin did not disappoint, especially considering that this was the first time that she had ever tried to prepare the garlic eye round. Baked penne was served on the side (and as a main course for the kids). Broccoli and bread rounded out this exceptional meal.
In making this cookbook, we’re often faced with what are affectionately known as “typical Nanny” recipes. The exact recipe for the garlic eye round consisted of the following: Use a serrated knife to make a hole in the seamed eye round that is wide enough to insert garlic and parsley. Brown. Cook it in sauce for one hour and 15 minutes. Having sampled Robin’s interpretation of the above, all were quite happy that the spirit of the recipe had been captured more than adequately.
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