Waffle Dinner

She liked it! He liked it! We all really liked this moderately easy meal. The waffles in this meal hold up quite well on their own (our daughter had three by herself). Some simple scrambled eggs and bacon help to make this a meal that we’ll all remember for quite some time.
We’ve got to confess that it’s been at least 5 years since we last attempted to prepare waffles. Grandma gave us a waffle iron some 8 years back. We tried many of the recipes that came with the iron, but could never find one that satisfied our tastes (well, Chris’s tastes to be precise). The waffles just seemed too light, like they were missing something.

Tonight, we positively identify the missing ingredient as buttermilk. Cinnamon didn’t hurt. Our daughter has already put to words what we’re all thinking, “When are we going to have these again!”

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