Grilled Fish Kebobs

School is out for the summer, which means that Eric can join Sarah and the little one for dinner tonight. We serve fish kebobs with a variety of veggies and fish. Eric mentioned that he smelled grilling while walking up to the house and had hoped it was us. It was!
Whenever we introduce potentially new foods (to ourselves or our guests), we like to have several dishes from which to choose. That way, if something is particularly dis-agreeable, there’s still plenty of other foods from which to choose.

Tonight we serve swordfish to Sarah and Eric for the first time. They may have had it before, but not that we know of. We have no reason to expect that they won’t like it – swordfish is a somewhat rich white fish. Still, we know they (especially Sarah) like salmon, so we grill a little of that while we’re at it. Besides, our daughter will always eat salmon.

Hopefully, we’ll get to do this quite a bit before school starts again. In addition to the company, Sarah brings along some brownies. Yep, we wouldn’t mind doing this again real soon!

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