Chicken Tacos

Whoa! This third pregnancy is really hitting us hard. Between normal child rearing and the extra effort required of Robin’s body (not to mention the ALL DAY Morning sickness), we’re not doing a lot of cooking for ourselves. We try to get back to routine tonight with chicken tacos.
We decide on chicken tacos for two reasons: we have some frozen chicken tenderloins and our daughter loves the chicken tacos at the local Qdoba. Sadly, the frozen chicken didn’t quite meet our daughter’s high standards. She ate, but wasn’t excited.

With the good, so too must come the bad. In this instance, it’s Robin’s father, affectionately known as “Grandpa Bobby”. His health has been suspect for years now, but it’s taken a strong turn for the worse in recent months. Robin went for a visit last week (in Florida) and we can only hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

Robin’s absence meant that Chris and the kids had to fend for themselves. The household may never recover. Luckily for Chris, we live in a time in which he can use Papa John’s website to order pizza delivered to the front door. All things considered, Chris enjoyed the time with the kids, but was glad to take a break at the end of the week back at work. And we know that Robin’s visit lifted Grandpa Bobby’s spirits.

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