Burgers While Sleepy

Day 4. We’re tired already – we might be too old for this. We try to settle into a routine by making dinner tonight. We will not be able to cook as much as we like for quite some time, but we’re glad we did tonight.
Chris is taking vacation this week (and maybe next week). That means he inherits Robin’s daily activities while she tends the baby. For someone that does not do it regularly, it was actually quite fun. It’s a great opportunity for dad to spend quality time with the kids.

So far everyone is adjusting to baby well (aside from Robin who is not sleeping much at all). Our daughter has been excited about her new sister for the entire pregnancy and has been through the experience before when our son was born. As expected, she adores the baby and dotes on her whenever she gets the chance. We were a little more concerned about our son – especially now that he is the middle child. We are very pleased so far that he is similarly excited about his new sister. He is very protective of her and very interested in what she is doing at all times.

On the way home from school, Chris and the older kids stopped at the local market to get ground sirloin for dinner. We meant to grill, but we found ourselves with no propane. No matter – we’ve pan fried burgers many times before. Tonight’s were very tasty to our weary palettes.

It’s going to be a while before we get back to something resembling normal. A good dinner and helpful kids are a good start.

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