Meals from March 2004

2004-03-04 Burgers While Sleepy

Day 4. We’re tired already – we might be too old for this. We try to settle into a routine by making dinner tonight. We will not be able to cook as much as we like for quite some time, but we’re glad we did tonight.

2004-03-26 A Home-Cooked Meal!

We still lack sleep. Even so, we finally manage to serve a complete, home-cooked meal. We’ve made do with leftovers, sandwiches, and takeout for the bulk of the month, so this is a welcome change of pace.

2004-03-31 Rather Spicy Food

“Do you like that?” (Luke with a stunned look) “No.” “Do you want to spit it out?” “Um, OK.” We do appreciate any help the kids like to lend to meal preparation, but our son still needs to learn some caution when tasting – especially spicy foods like tonight’s dinner.