A Home-Cooked Meal!

We still lack sleep. Even so, we finally manage to serve a complete, home-cooked meal. We’ve made do with leftovers, sandwiches, and takeout for the bulk of the month, so this is a welcome change of pace.
The baby did not go to sleep until well after midnight last night. To make the day a little easier, everyone went downtown to visit Chris at work. In addition to having snacks at the local coffee house, the kids got to visit the office and play tuxracer on daddy’s work computer (one of the many benefits of a Linux desktop). All the while the baby was shown off to Chris’s co-workers. It was very nice – until the drive home. The baby screamed lots.

On his way home, Chris stopped at Piedigrotta for bread and ended up coming home with several pastries. Robin pretended to disapprove, but we all knew that she was secretly happy.

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