Meals from April 2005

2005-04-08 Naan Salmon

We had hoped to serve this meal to Erin. Sadly, she had a previous engagement after her latest education session with the kids. Even though she could not stay, an excellent meal remained.

2005-04-11 Maybe Eggplant Isn't That Bad After All

We can still envision a day when we will all be well. Today is not that day. Chris’s head cold has gotten to the point that he can not hear all that well. The baby’s nose is just plain messy. So, we hope that home cooking will help ease our way back to health. Until someone else gets sick.

2005-04-15 Dinner and a Trip to the Library

Our daughter journeys with Erin to the library. This marks the final in a series of Masters class assignments for Erin this semester. Hopefully it will not also prove to be her last visit as we enjoy her company quite a bit.

2005-04-20 Tuna Casserole like Grammy's

We intended this meal for Lent. For one reason or another, it never happened. Better late than never as dinner proves quite comforting.

2005-04-22 Hot Lips: The Day After

We serve a nice little mushroom spinach side salad along with leftovers. The leftovers were courtesy of Carmine’s pizza, which had a grand opening last night. The kids were quite excited about the new pizza place. And the gelato store next door.