Not Real Thundercake

We eat a rather simple dinner, though we had thought to do a bit more. We fancied making a Thundercake for dessert. But, since the weather was clear, our son refused it as “not real”.
Robin went into our son’s school yesterday to read to the class. The two of them had decided upon Thundercake, which the class seemed to appreciate.

After the reading, she was chatting with the kids, asking if any of them had lost any teeth yet (because our son’s tooth was loose). One classmate answered no, but that our son had. Robin turned and saw his tooth in his hand.

Robin asked our son if he wanted to make Thundercake today. It seemed only fitting after reading to the class yesterday and in honor of his first lost tooth. Apparently he paid too much attention to the book because, as the book says, it is not real thundercake without thunder. Robin tried to reason with him, arguing that it would still taste good. But our son refused.

Our daughter had lacrosse practice today. It was a very nice day for it—after all, there was no thunder. Afterwards, she and her mom went to the mall to meet up with Grammy and Aunt Erin to shop for First Communion dresses. They got a very pretty one. A fashion show is scheduled for tomorrow so that Grammy can see the look on Chris’s face when he sees it for the first time.

After all this, we enjoy a simple meal of tacos, chips and salsa. And no thundercake.

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