Ravioli Lasagne

One of the greatest pleasures in life is leftovers. A great meal, like last night’s ravioli, only gets better resting overnight in the fridge. A slight twist to the presentation of the leftovers and we have a wonderful, simple meal tonight.
To prevent leftovers from being, well “leftovers”, we usually try to do something different with them. Sometimes we’ll use leftovers as an ingredient in a new recipe. Other nights, we change the presentation somewhat. Tonight, we opt for a combination of the two, but more a change in presentation than a new recipe.

The ravioli of last night are presented as a ravioli lasagne. We layer the ravioli with the ricotta filling that didn’t make it inside a ravioli last night. It’s all baked in a small baking dish at 375° for about 30 minutes.

Robin said that she’s happy that Chris isn’t the kind of guy that objects to leftovers. Would anyone complain about these leftovers?

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