Chili with a Little Sofrito

Robin was not happy with this meal, but don’t listen to her – it was delicious. The source of Robin’s frustration in this meal was the addition of (in her opinion) too much of the leftover sofrito.
This meal also represents another of our attempts to cheer up Aunt Sarah, who is still on bed rest awaiting her first born. After serving Chris and the kids, Robin takes the remainder of the food to Aunt Sarah. Hopefully this helps to ease the daily suffering.

Since a portion of this meal was intended for a pregnant woman, we omitted the beer from the two bean chili. Also, as mentioned above, we’re using leftovers in a creative way here by adding some sofrito and pink beans from Saturday’s meal. The pink beans replace kidney beans as the second bean in the two bean chili – not because kidney beans have fallen out of favor with us, but because we had them taking up space in the fridge.

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