Lazy Grilled Chicken

‘Twas a lazy Saturday for us. Robin and our daughter went to the Timonium Dinner Theatre’s production of Cinderella this afternoon. By the time they returned, there wasn’t enough time before dinner to run errands, so we took our time preparing this semi-leftover meal.
The chicken was frozen some time ago. We had used some of the chicken for an “apricot sword chicken” dish that our daughter found in her cookbooks. She didn’t end up eating it so it became lunch for Robin and Chris. The rest went into the freezer.

The tortilla chips are very similar to our baked tortilla chips – only fried and then seasoned. We’ve gotta admit that we prefer the fried version over the baked. Not that we dislike the baked version. The fried version is crispier and has a bit more flavor. We’ll have to add a recipe the next time we make them.

As for the production of Cinderella, it was enjoyed by both mother and daughter. Robin had arranged to meet up with some friends for our family’s first exposure to the dinner theater and a good time was had by all. Our daughter probably enjoyed the lunch (hot dog and ice cream) more than the production. She just can’t seem to sit still for that long a period. Perhaps next year…

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