Olivia's Birthday

Today, Olivia was born. Uncle Eric and Aunt Sarah went to the hospital before noon and Olivia was delivered by Caesarian about two hours later. And what did we do today? We waited for news and enjoyed some leftovers.
This is a leftover meal. We re-purpose Tuesday’s pasta meal as the base of tonight’s mac & cheese. The transition between simple pasta dish to mac & cheese is one of the little tricks that we like to use to prevent dull leftovers. We did this last year with a gruyère pasta dish, which was converted to gruyère mac & cheese.

This really was a wonderful meal. It was delicious and satisfying, as mac & cheese always is. It was also easy to prepare since the bulk of the work was done Tuesday. We were able to relax, enjoy the meal, and enjoy the very welcome news of the newest member of our family.

Our daughter had told Aunt Sarah that she needn’t call unless the baby was a girl. She already has 4 boy cousins, you see. Despite the intuition of many other relatives, our daughter was quite sure that the baby would be a girl.

Uncle Eric called a little before four, asking to speak to our daughter. He was disappointed at her reaction, which didn’t have the excitement that he expected. In four years or so, we have no doubt that he too will come to know the certainty with which a four year old views the world.

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