Meals from October 2005

2005-10-01 Family Feast

The local siblings come over for dinner and cards. Erin, Sarah, Eric, and, of course, Olivia come over for a food-filled evening, which we really ought to do more often.

2005-10-16 Yonder Grilled Cheese

Onion rye bread, proscuitto, and gruyère are the perfect complement for each other in the centerpiece for a tasty, if austere, meal. Afterwards, we listened to a selection from Robin’s new favorite band, Yonder Mountain String Band. Who knew a city girl would enjoy bluegrass? Well, at least one song.

2005-10-21 Squid and Chickpeas

Fried calamari makes any meal special. Not that tonight’s dinner really needed help—interesting little chickpea pancakes and a leftover salad from Donna’s take care of that. But gosh, that calamari was fantastic.

2005-10-26 Waffles are OK... With Whipped Cream

This meal will long be remembered as the one that our son decided that he actually liked waffles. For some time now, he has insisted that he did not like waffles (we would make waffle batter pancakes instead). Tonight, with the help of copious amounts of whipped cream, he changed his mind.