The Big Brunch Dinner

You really can’t go wrong serving brunch to a crowd. Sarah and Grammy don’t exactly qualify as a crowd, they still double our usual number of guests. Besides, we don’t require much in the way of an excuse to enjoy a good brunch for dinner.
The hardest thing about preparing a meal like tonight’s is getting the food on the table while it’s still hot. To accomplish this feat, we prepare the least heat sensitive dishes first.

Tonight, that means we start with the yogurt parfait, the home fries, and the bacon. The yogurt can sit in the refrigerator for a while after initial preparation. The bacon takes a while to cook and doesn’t require much tending. When the bacon is done before the remainder of the meal, we set it on a paper towel covered plate, and cover the bacon with paper towels. Right before serving, we use the microwave to reheat it. Similarly, the home fries can be kept over low heat after they’re ready without fear of over cooking.

We measure out the dry ingredients for the pancakes when there is an open window of time. We also combine the wet ingredients of the pancakes and the french toast and combine all of the ingredients of the eggs.

When the bulk of the guests arrive (both of them tonight), we turn on the griddle for the pancakes, heat the oil for the french toast and turn on the heat for the eggs. Robin and Chris split the duties getting these items ready. It’s a little hectic, but we manage nicely and enjoy a wonderful meal with two of our favorite guests.

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