Meals from July 2002

2002-07-01 Fried Calamari and Baked Ziti

If there’s a better way to celebrate an anniversary than eating good food, we sure don’t know it. If you’d told either Robin or Chris that they’d be enjoying fried calamari seven years hence, neither would have believed it would be homemade nor that it would be as tender or crispy as it was tonight. Making it all that much better is that calamari is really quite easy to prepare. Special thanks to Robin’s mother for helping out with the meal.

2002-07-05 Eggs Over Easy and Potato Croquettes

We had a very nice Fourth of July meal. Our only regret was that we didn’t write anything up for the cookbook. Ah well, the mashed potatoes that we enjoyed yesterday become potato croquettes in tonight’s breakfast dinner.

2002-07-06 Mac 'n' Cheese

We couldn’t say goodbye to Grandma without getting at least one recipe from her stash of good eats. Having missed the opportunity to add her wonderful mashed potatoes to our cookbook, we enjoy her famous macaroni and cheese tonight. As always, she was not happy with the results (not enough milk this time), but don’t mind her – it was delicious.

2002-07-08 Ginger Salmon

Sarah was over again, preparing for us one of our favorite dishes, ginger and curry salmon. We modify our salmon recipe slightly, doubling the ginger topping and using wild Alaskan king salmon. Accompanying this dish is a quick cauliflower curry and some Bengal lentils (from Trader Joe’s), served over pita bread.

2002-07-09 Thai-Style Chicken Fried Rice

We need to use up some chicken today, so we experiment with chicken fried rice. We grill the chicken after a quick marinade. The fried rice is also fairly quick. All things considered, this was yet another quick, but very good meal for us.

2002-07-15 Pasta with Chard

We’re a little sad today. Soccer season is soon upon us, which means that Sarah won’t be able to visit nearly as often. Our gloom is tempered by the most excellent meal that she helps to make tonight – pasta with chard and fresh italian bread.

2002-07-21 Green Eggs, Hold the Ham

This was a rather whimsical meal. We weren’t sure how the tomatillo sauce would work with the eggs, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pay homage to Dr. Suess at least once. We were more than pleased by the whole affair. The green salsa added just the right amount of spiciness to this meal.

2002-07-22 Two Bean Chili and Chipotle Shrimp

We lose our first sous chef tonight. We say goodbye to Sarah with a very hearty mexican meal. The main dish is a two bean (black and kidney) chili. Topped with jalpeno’s it is very spicy (even for Chris), but also very tasty. Since we have a sous chef, we put some down time to good use to make a moderately spicy shrimp dish as a side. Last night’s Green Salsa is also included tonight as a side, served with blue corn chips.